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Full text of "Alaskan glacier studies of the National Geographic Society in the Yakutat Bay, Prince William Sound and lower Copper River regions"

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dition is a direct result of the recent advance, lingering here because of the protection given by the sheets of ablation moraine by which the piedmont bulbs are covered.
The last episode in the glacial history of the region is the advance of the glaciers in response to the earthquake shaking in 1899, first observed in 1905, though affecting at least two of the glaciers before that time, causing the advance of four glaciers in 1906, one between 1906 and 1909, one in 1909 and one in 1910, and possibly slight advances of two others in previous years. Whether the advance has reached its Trmyrnrynnn, or whether there are other and still greater changes in store, only the future can tell.